Monday, 4 September 2017

"The Money Is Not In The List..."

I got this email this evening from my Coach and Mentor, Paul O'Mahony...
When I read the title I thought, "WHAT?!, so everything you've taught me over the last few months, you have just SHATTERED in just ONE email title!" What is going on here...!
So I read on, and it began to become clear; then it made perfect sense. This is what he wrote in his email to me tonight, and I hope you get the same value from it as I did (and do, and will continue to do so as I re-align my thoughts to this aim)...

"You have heard the saying the money is in the list right?
Well the people telling you that may have unintentionally been misleading you ...
...but I am here to set the record straight :)
The money is actually in the RELATIONSHIP you have with your list. A relationship built through your email marketing campaigns.
So what happens when people aren't even opening your emails?
NO Opens = NO Relationship = NO Money "

Paul O'Mahony, September 2017, via email

It's true, the real money is in the getting into the mind of your avatar; your perfect customer.

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