Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Suffering Information Overload? Address The Core Problem...

A massive factor that held me back from achieving any sort of results, for the first 5 or 6 months in my attempts to start an online business, and I don't mean monetary results (although I didn't get a single dollar during this time) - I mean actually getting things done - was the fact that I just could not see the woods for the trees.

I know this is a common problem because there are always times when I have to focus and re-assure my team members and my family members, to steer them in the right direction and keep their distractions at a minimum, and help them to take sometimes uncomfortable steps towards an end goal.

There are also still plenty of occasions when I have to go to my more experienced friends and mentors to get re-focused myself - it's just inevitable in such a crowded market place where everyone is vying for your attention. With advice from my mentors I have put this piece together...

Information overload is definitely one of the biggest problems that most struggling Online Marketers face, however, the truth is that it’s only actually a symptom of a deeper problem.

Now stay with me for this... and please don't be offended (certainly not my intention - just want to get to the crux of the problem)...

To understand fully the root cause of overload, we need to admit to ourselves that the only reason Information Overload can ever occur to us in the first place is because we are not taking action on the information we already know.

Digging a little deeper, the only reason that you wouldn’t be taking action on what you already know is because you don’t have confidence in the fact that the actions you take will produce a positive result…. Or… you don’t have confidence in your ability to execute.

Deeper still, and we find the only reason that we have the pre-assumption that the actions we're going to take won’t produce a positive result, when those actions and processes that we've been taught have been proven to work for others, boils down to an issue having to do with our own self confidence… Or unfortunately, our lack there of.

Now, that's not to say we are not a self-confident person all aspects of life, but when it comes to stepping into an arena where we have little past experience to use as a reference point, and where the more experienced are pulling us in every which direction, it's no wonder we are lost, confused and lacking in confidence.

We live in a society where low levels of self confidence are common-place. People are always comparing themselves to other people. And then even when you achieve some certain result that you’ve been working towards, there’s always someone doing something else better than you. So you then begin comparing yourself to others in that arena that they're outperforming you in.

It’s a vicious cycle that never ends well and will keep you in a perpetual state of wanting until the very last.

So… let's talk about building confidence. The only way to build confidence is to take any area of your life or business that you're uncomfortable facing, and take action in that field. If you’re uncomfortable with spending money on traffic, start spending money on traffic. If you’re uncomfortable getting in front of the camera to make videos, make a video today. The same goes for anything else in your general life.

If you’re afraid of meeting new people, the only way you’ll ever get over that fear is to get yourself out there and meet some people. If you’re afraid of speaking out and making your point in the midst of others refuting your views, get out and just do it. Building confidence in any area of your life comes down to getting out of your comfort zone and forcing yourself to take action when you don’t want to… Simple as that.

Confidence comes from knowledge, knowledge comes from experience, experience comes from over-coming our fears, stepping out into the unknown, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone.

So… the key to achieving vision and focus is to realize that if we're dealing with information overload, the truth is that we’re actually dealing with a much deeper problem revolving around a lack of self confidence in our abilities to execute. And while it's painful to deal with these kind of issues, the only way to ever solve any problem is to address it at its core.

So… whatever it is that is holding you back, first acknowledge it. Then get out there and start building your self confidence back up by taking action and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in any area of your life you may be struggling with confidence in.

Onwards and Upwards!

P.S. If you got any value out of this, or even if you hated it, let me know. Good or bad, Comment below, I like to hear it.

What area of your life or business are you going to begin taking action in to build your self confidence? Let me now by commenting - I'm be really interested to hear from you

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