Thursday, 5 October 2017

A Thought About Your 'whys', a challenge for you, and your Golden Ticket To Success

A Thought About Your 'whys', a challenge for you, and your golden ticket to success!

Good things come in three's!

I've mentioned it before that I absolutely want to help you to succeed online and help you achieve your financial freedom. Well, for me and for countless multi-millionaires, that means getting out of your comfort zone - you see, if you do not risk anything, you risk everything!

So, get out of your comfort zone daily in order to zone in on your goals. This might not make sense to you until you actually do it!

... so I've got a small challenge for you… bear with me, you will thank me for this...

You see, it’s not enough to want to succeed, you need to know your ‘WHYS’ - remember those? They are your reasons for doing succeeding; your motivational factors. It’s crucial to lay the foundations of your business, and your ‘whys’ play a key part.

So, please do this for me - I promise you it will help and it’ll be really quick don’t worry…

Write down 10 positive reasons why you must succeed in your online business.

Simple hey? Something like, “ I want to ensure that my children get the best medical health possible if they fall ill.” Or, something for yourself perhaps, “I will be able to take my family on a dream safari vacation in Kenya”... or “I will be able to afford that 5 bed-roomed house that is for sale at the end of my road”.

Make it specific to you. The more relevant to you the better.

Now, do the same but focus on the negatives.

Write down 10 things that will happen if you do not succeed...

“It will take years to clear my debt”, “I will be stuck in this same job with very little gratitude for the next 3 years”, “I will struggle to move up the housing ladder and provide for my family”, “Financial stress will take a toll on my health”... something like that, but make it relevant and specific to you.

Do you see what happened there? It was quite scary wasn’t it? Well, it was for me at least, because it made me realise just what was at stake if I don’t take action with my online business.

I actually did 100 positive reasons and 100 negative reasons, and I can tell you now the 100 negative reasons was a lot quicker and ‘easier’ to list than the 100 positives. It was also much more scary.

You see, people are much more motivated when they are touched by a pain point; when they experience hurt or receive bad news. If you were to tell a smoker to give up because there is a good chance they will get lung cancer, they may respond to you “yeah I know, I’m trying but it’s so difficult”. If a Doctor tells them they have lung cancer, they’ll be likely to quit smoking overnight.

It’s when we experience the real pain-points that we take action. If you can write 100 positive reasons and 100 negative reasons then I really urge you to do so - it’s a great motivator, and I’ll be honest with you, it’ll take you some time. But it will give you clarity, both for your personal and for your online business; the reasons why you want to succeed; your ‘Whys’. Always think of your ‘whys’.

Let me know how you get on with this as I am genuinely interested. Let me know what you thought, and how you felt - comment below or email me direct - I will respond…

You can keep your reasons totally to yourself if you want to - you don’t have to tell a soul. I’ve never ever shared my 100s with anyone - not even my beloved partner and mother of my 2 little ones!

I don’t want you to experience those pain points that you may be facing. You know why? I know just how real and stomach wrenching they are.

Steer away from your pain points!

So to help you, I'm going to reveal something very special in my next post... the very steps that I made to make the difference to my and my families lives, and how I turned things around so that I will never have to worry about financial matters again. 

Not only that, it gives me the so called laptop lifestyle (I hate that phrase but it is actually so right), the financial freedom that always eluded me and that I had always craved - so don't miss out - this will change your life in every way for ever and for the better!| :-)

Speak later,
p.s. if this has helped or inspired you, let me know by commenting below!

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