Thursday, 21 December 2017

Are you suffering from Bitcoin FOMO?

...or Fear of missing out?

So I'm learning about Crypto-currency, Bitcoin and Block chain and one thing that's being driven home is just how fear of missing out can be strongly paralysing.

You kind of get into a cycle whereby, you put off setting up your e-wallet and exchange details for a month and you think well, another week won't matter.

The following week, you forget again and another month goes by until you are completely paralysed, as you realise the Alt-coin of your choice has risen by 100% in those 3 months, so you make the fatal mistake of thinking you're too far behind and it's not worth getting involved anymore...

This is an often experienced scenario of somebody entering into the Bit/crypto coin market. However, even though some coins are rising by 100s% it most definitely is NOT too late. We are still in the Early Adopter stage and the potential for growth is still STAGGERING.

Think about it this way...

The FX is the biggest market in the world and is worth Trillions every single day. Imagine banks, exchanges - in fact all middle men and brokers, being replaced by the Block chain... the Block chain and crypto will hoover up this market and replace them all.

Now add this in to the mix...

Over 3 Billion people have no internet access (that's nearly half the world's population!). Amazon, AT&T are developing drones to fly over '3rd World' countries to give them 5G capability!

When these people come online they are going to want to connect with the rest of the world, exchange ideas and no doubt trade. With no bank account, no credit history, and no 'real' address, they have no hope of getting a bank account. Crypto-currency is the answer!


But it is also very possible and when you look in to it, quite plausible.

Bitcoin is a bubble. It will crash. But like the internet before it, it will re-emerge and revolutionise the world in a whole new way.

If you want to make a finan/cial legacy for your next generations to come...

or indeed, if you just want to learn more about it, watch this video and get yourself educated before the masses get involved.

It really will be too late for you then. Learn now before the public crash the bubble.

Onwards and Upwards!

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