Thursday, 28 December 2017

How To Work Smart (Part 1: Goal Planning)...

We made it! :-)

How was Christmas for you - great to see friends and family and slightly good to be back to it, non?! And if you worked, I hope it was a productive time for you.

Here's a fact for you: 

...did you know that 92-95% of people setting goals for themselves never actually achieve their goal...?

In my past work, I worked as a Project Planning consultant. So I'd go in to large IT companies and build them project plans. I'd track and monitor plans daily as my job, and ensure that plans were followed and goals met.

My problem was that although I was actually quite good at what I did at work, planning and achieving in my home life and outside of work was really difficult for me. It still is.

Over the Christmas break, I made a decision to work on my own mind-set to realise my full potential for success...

I have long realised that I am not achieving to my potential and it's down to my mind-set. Yes I'm doing ok, but I'm not at my full potential.

So I'm taking time each and every day to work on my mind-set.

Working Hard vs. Working Smart
Those 92-95% of people do not achieve the goals they set because they do not exercise in cognitive priming: they do not instruct their brain to find a solution to their goals.

Now, this may all sound hocus-pocus to you and indeed it would have done to me before I learned more about it, but it manifests itself in very real ways that we take for granted daily and it's widely recognised in neuro-science.

Remember how we are always taught to "stay motivated, set goals and work hard"?

Persistence and will power are great tools to have but there are more effective tools to use to achieve our goals. You see, when our persistence and will power muscles get tired and stressed, we revert back to our old habits; our comfort zone where we do not achieve and remain in our own status quo.

Working smart is obviously better but what does this actual mean?

It's been said that will power and persistence could be seen as tool numbers 4 and 5 in our tool kit to actually achieving our goals. This means that there are 3 other areas that are much more powerful, but most of us DO NOT tap in to in order to achieve our goals that we set ourselves.

Achieving goals is an unconscious process..
... and to use this subconscious area properly, we need to train our brains daily, but there is a hidden enemy that upsets and curtails the process.

The "Expectation Set Point" (ESP). This is our unconscious level of 'success' that we perceive ourselves to be capable of. For most of us, it does not match the level of our dreams. We all have our dreams of a certain lifestyle but we subconsciously revert back to working at our ESP in times of stress, which means we never can achieve our goals or our potential.

There is a NUMBER ONE cause that underlies all of this non-achieving. It's so powerful that it's honestly no wonder we almost never achieve our goals.

I'm going to go into that in my next post, when we will explore the brain's mechanisms that make achieving our goals a real battle unless we understand what we are up against and how to overcome them.

I hope you find this as equally a fascinating subject as I do - if nothing else, at least you will be aware of what you are up against when you set yourself your goals...

Look out for my next post in a day or so which will exactly what we are battling against when attempting to achieve our goals.

If you can relate to this, let me know - I'd love to hear your story... what are your sticking points? What do you think is holding you back? If I can help you I will. If I can't, well, I can ask one of my contacts for some advice for you too. I belong to a very helpful online community, where we look out for one-another, so solutions are never far away.


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