Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Suffering Information Overload? Address The Core Problem...

A massive factor that held me back from achieving any sort of results, for the first 5 or 6 months in my attempts to start an online business, and I don't mean monetary results (although I didn't get a single dollar during this time) - I mean actually getting things done - was the fact that I just could not see the woods for the trees.

I know this is a common problem because there are always times when I have to focus and re-assure my team members and my family members, to steer them in the right direction and keep their distractions at a minimum, and help them to take sometimes uncomfortable steps towards an end goal.

There are also still plenty of occasions when I have to go to my more experienced friends and mentors to get re-focused myself - it's just inevitable in such a crowded market place where everyone is vying for your attention. With advice from my mentors I have put this piece together...

Information overload is definitely one of the biggest problems that most struggling Online Marketers face, however, the truth is that it’s only actually a symptom of a deeper problem.

Now stay with me for this... and please don't be offended (certainly not my intention - just want to get to the crux of the problem)...

To understand fully the root cause of overload, we need to admit to ourselves that the only reason Information Overload can ever occur to us in the first place is because we are not taking action on the information we already know.

Digging a little deeper, the only reason that you wouldn’t be taking action on what you already know is because you don’t have confidence in the fact that the actions you take will produce a positive result…. Or… you don’t have confidence in your ability to execute.

Deeper still, and we find the only reason that we have the pre-assumption that the actions we're going to take won’t produce a positive result, when those actions and processes that we've been taught have been proven to work for others, boils down to an issue having to do with our own self confidence… Or unfortunately, our lack there of.

Now, that's not to say we are not a self-confident person all aspects of life, but when it comes to stepping into an arena where we have little past experience to use as a reference point, and where the more experienced are pulling us in every which direction, it's no wonder we are lost, confused and lacking in confidence.

We live in a society where low levels of self confidence are common-place. People are always comparing themselves to other people. And then even when you achieve some certain result that you’ve been working towards, there’s always someone doing something else better than you. So you then begin comparing yourself to others in that arena that they're outperforming you in.

It’s a vicious cycle that never ends well and will keep you in a perpetual state of wanting until the very last.

So… let's talk about building confidence. The only way to build confidence is to take any area of your life or business that you're uncomfortable facing, and take action in that field. If you’re uncomfortable with spending money on traffic, start spending money on traffic. If you’re uncomfortable getting in front of the camera to make videos, make a video today. The same goes for anything else in your general life.

If you’re afraid of meeting new people, the only way you’ll ever get over that fear is to get yourself out there and meet some people. If you’re afraid of speaking out and making your point in the midst of others refuting your views, get out and just do it. Building confidence in any area of your life comes down to getting out of your comfort zone and forcing yourself to take action when you don’t want to… Simple as that.

Confidence comes from knowledge, knowledge comes from experience, experience comes from over-coming our fears, stepping out into the unknown, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone.

So… the key to achieving vision and focus is to realize that if we're dealing with information overload, the truth is that we’re actually dealing with a much deeper problem revolving around a lack of self confidence in our abilities to execute. And while it's painful to deal with these kind of issues, the only way to ever solve any problem is to address it at its core.

So… whatever it is that is holding you back, first acknowledge it. Then get out there and start building your self confidence back up by taking action and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in any area of your life you may be struggling with confidence in.

Onwards and Upwards!

P.S. If you got any value out of this, or even if you hated it, let me know. Good or bad, Comment below, I like to hear it.

What area of your life or business are you going to begin taking action in to build your self confidence? Let me now by commenting - I'm be really interested to hear from you

Friday, 24 November 2017

The Truth about Internet Marketing (Part II - Realization and Case Study)...

In my last article, we touched upon why it can be so difficult to make a success online, and how when attempting to start an Online Business, we are consistently sold an oversimplified dream of what it takes to succeed Online.

In this short second part to the truths about internet marketing, rather than giving you the low down myself, I want to introduce friend, Karen Richardson, an Internet Marketer from the UK, who explains just how she is making a significant income using her done-for-you system...

Case Study: Karen Richardson

Watch this short video here:

Now, Karen was already a semi-experienced marketer, and this was recorded a few months ago. What Karen has achieved more recently is just short of amazing!

But it is working for me too... and I have significantly less
experience than Karen.

So, if you feel overwhelmed at the thought beginning your online business and perhaps don't know where or how to start. Maybe you've been in business for a while but nothing has worked as you wanted it to...

...or if you aren’t confident in your abilities to go out and execute upon what we touched upon in yesterday's email, the SAN programme IS for you, and will most likely be the single catalyst that will be responsible for you breaking through and achieving the life changing results that you’ve been looking for.

No where else on the Internet can you tap into such a streamlined process in order to earn big commissions, and do it with minimal work required, WHILE getting the personal attention and coaching you need to succeed.

Get signed up and have a look around, you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Take action and start your dream life!

See you on the other side...

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Truth about Internet Marketing (Part I - Pros and Cons)...

Online Marketing Success - Do You Really Know What it Takes?

In this two part article, I explain what exactly you need to do to be a successful Online Marketer and how to really make it BIG Online. There's the good; there's the bad you probably don't want to hear, and then there are the downright ugly truths that you need to know....

For every successful entrepreneur, every obstacle creates an opportunity, so get to it; learn, take action and get better than the rest...

What’s amazing about what the Internet has to offer is the fact that you can make sales to people on a global scale. You can sell to anyone, anytime, and can run a online empire walking around your house in your pj's (if you want to - not saying that I do ;)).  

What’s really hard about starting an Online Business though is that you’re consistently sold an oversimplified dream of what it takes to succeed Online.  

You’re taught to setup a simple capture page that sends to an offer and then to follow up with a few e-mails here and there that link back to the same offer… And as a result, you’re going to rich and live the online dream.  

However, here's what the “gurus” fail to tell you when you’re getting started:   

  • You need to have a variety of different offers (trial offers, core offers, back-end offers, etc) in your arsenal in order to pay for your lead generation costs. 
  • You need your own products (or you need to license ones which you can earn a large percentage of the sale) in order to actually be profitable. 
  • It's highly unlikely that your first product will be a winner based on the fact that when you’re new you’re still learning what the market actually wants. 
  • Launches are absolutely NOT a sustainable business model. With launches you can make a ton of money in the short term, IF you have the right affiliate pushing your offers… but the truth is, you’ll burn out very quickly. I’ve tried launches as an affiliate, and I can tell you, while there is a certain level of fun to it, those were some of the most exhausting weeks of my entire life. They’re intense, and cause a great deal of stress on your body and mind. Even if you could build a business based solely on launches, it wouldn’t be an enjoyable business to run, I guarantee you.  
  • It’s hard to break into Internet Marketing if you’re new with no results (and therefore no credibility, authority, traction, or social proof). 
  • Running a business requires a whole different set of skills than a regular job does. "The good news is, you're the boss. The bad news is, you're the boss." 
  • You can’t do this alone… you need staff. You need a team, a customer support desk, sales people, assistants, a fulfilment system, all of it - if you want the big income.

So you see, while building an Online business IS absolutely possible, it’s going to take a little more than what most of the "gurus" are selling you in their oversimplified marketing material.
If you want to be profitable, you’re going to have to drive traffic to your websites, e-mail your list consistently, create “tripwire” trial offers, create back-end “profit maximizer” offers, host webinars where you sell core offers, make sales phone calls, and even setup affiliate programs for your products and offers to be sold through (if you want to go big).  

AND… That’s not even taking into account all of the skill-sets you’re going to need to learn in order to actually implement all of what’s discussed above, OR all of the work it’s going to take to hire a professional team in order to help you do it all.  

This is the problem that most people run into when trying to start an Online Business, and is the problem that keeps most people back from finding the success that they’re looking for.  

But, whenever there’s a problem, there’s also a solution… And certain entrepreneurs taking action to proactively solve that problem for the Marketplace as a whole is what has largely accounted for my own business taking off, and many of my students finding LARGE levels of success, VERY quickly. 

If you’ve been struggling to make sales and profits with your Online Business, you ABSOLUTELY need to have everything I've discussed in this report not only setup, but also optimized to the hilt in order to ensure conversions stay high and profits rise.  

Having said that, there’s a hard way to get everything setup, and there’s any easy way.  

Stay tuned, and check back here in a day or two, when I'll conclude this article with practical solutions to becoming successful in the internet marketing business, and what to look out for in order to make it BIG online...

Saturday, 18 November 2017

I Made The VIP List!! :-D

We are making BIG COMMISSIONS. $1,000 days are happy days!

High ticket sales are key to this DONE-FOR-YOU system. 

Want to know how? 

For just a SINGLE DOLLAR, you get access to ALL the training, 1-to-1 coaching, and a whole lot more... fact, EVERYTHING you need to succeed with this business - NOTHING is left out.

Stop the overwhelm, end the frustration, try this now - you won't look back.

Anyone can do it, people just like Mack, Lydia and myself - all we did was committed, signed up and joined.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Instant Traffic Hacks - The 4 Steps To Profitable Solo Ads

….And what each step is designed to do…

As an internet marketer, your email list is (nearly!) everything. Unless you know how, list building can be a slow and daunting process...

How do you begin? Do I offer a free e-guide in my niche? Do I drive traffic to my blog? What about Facebook ads? These are all valid ways to get traffic, but they are slow and require commitment, trust and relationship-building.

Enter SOLO ADS...

Solo Ads are the simple most effective way to get traffic FAST. Do it right, and you get that traffic to convert to leads and subsequently, sales. But Solo Ads take mastery...

If any of the 4 components is below par, your whole campaign will fail.

1.Quality Solo Ad Vendors

2.E-mail Swipe (Subject & Body Copy)

3. Capture Page (Link)

4. Tracking

Quality Solo Ad Vendor:

A quality Solo Ad Vendor is a Vendor who will send you the correct number of clicks, the correct % of top tier clicks, and someone who will send using your e-mail swipe.

E-Mail Swipe:

The purpose of your e-mail swipe is to not only drive clicks, but also QUALIFY CLICKS… Remember, with Solo Ads you pay per click… Meaning it’s your job as the buyer to qualify each click... To make each click more responsive.

Capture Page:

The purpose of your capture page is to convert your traffic that you’re paying for into leads and to bring the maximum percentage of people into your Sales Funnel. You want your capture page to be converting at 40% + to be profitable and to maximize ROI. You can achieve this by having a well built capture page, and by qualifying each click.


The purpose of your tracking in your Solo Ad campaigns is to track 3 specific things:

  1. The total number of clicks delivered…
  2. The conversion rate (how many leads you’re getting per XYZ number of clicks)
  3. What % of the traffic that you’re getting is actually coming from the Top Tier countries. 

The most important thing to remember: In order to make Solo Ads profitable you need all 4 of the components above in place. Without proper solo ad vendor selection and a well written swipe, your conversions will be poor, without a capture page, you won’t generate any leads (NEVER SEND STRAIGHT TO A SALES PAGE), and without tracking, you’ll never be able to optimize your campaigns or be able to tell which Solo Ad vendors are performing better than others.

In every single Solo Ad campaign, you need a quality solo ad vendor, you need well written e-mail swipe, a well built capture page, and tracking in place to track total number of clicks, total conversions, and traffic quality.

The good news: Over the coming weeks I’m going show you exactly how to get all 4 components of profitable Solo Ads in place in each and every one of your Solo Ads… And also give you some value based bonus’s. 

Can't wait?

This is the introductory module of my full and complete Solo Ad Success Formula mastery course. 

If you would like the complete training to make you a Solo Ad master, click here for access to the course (includes 6 video modules plus 4 Bonus modules, plus all transcripts).

Here's what you get:

Module 1: The 4 Components Of Profitable Solo Ads

Module 2: Vendor Selection Process Part 1: Asking The Right Questions

Module 3: Vendor Selection Process Part 2: Framing The Purchase

Module 4: Effective Swipe Copy

Module 5: Capture Pages That Convert

Module 6: Tracking

#Bonus -"Offer Selection - How To Choose Profitable Offers"

#Bonus - "The Risk Reversal Method Of Traffic Generation"

#Bonus - "Proven To Convert Vendors"

#Bonus - "Outsourcing Your Solos: Going Hands-free"

Be a Solo Ad Master - Access your complete training here


Friday, 10 November 2017

A simple yet effective strategy for HYPER PRODUCTIVITY

Well, it's Friday and we're almost through the working week... how has it gone for you?

With that new beginning on Monday comes the hope
for a passionate, productive, and profit filled week.

For many of us though, the days pass, and little if
anything truly gets done. We fill our time with "busy
work" and non productive activities as to at-least feel
like we're doing something, but little or nothing ever
really get's accomplished.

I was in the same boat not long ago... Spending
days in front of the laptop, with little to show for it.
I was stuck, struggling, and completely spinning
my wheels. I was losing money and making little
headway... when something quite unexpected happened...

I was introduced to a simple practice by my mentor...
(a man worth many millions - so I listened)...

And it's this one practice that has made ALL

It's very simple, and most likely nothing
you haven't already heard...


If you're looking for hyper productivity... Listen up.

Again and again you've noticed that some activities
raise your energy levels while other activities deplete
them. Some things bring you into a more positive state,
while others pull you down.

The trick is to put yourself into those energy boosting
situations as often as humanly possible, while staying
away from the energy depleting activities like your
life depends on it (because it does).

Sure, it's easier said than done... But even so, it bears
repeating and is vitally important to always keep in

When you have a choice, as you often do, put
yourself in places, with people, doing activities that
increase your vital energy stores.

If there's something that get's you down, stop
complaining about it, and get yourself clearly away
from it.

Even just a small bump in energy in either direction,
both positive, or negative, can have far FAR REACHING

A single moment of positivity early on in the morning
can translate into an amazing, passion filled day...

While a single moment of fury, can snowball into more
and more negativity.

So... watch the early morning road rage... and don't
let something you hear on the morning news make
you flinch.

Instead listen to your favorite music, or get Tony Robbins
on your mp3 player.

We all have 24 hours in a day, but what good is time
without passion and energy?

Tap into those activities that bring positivity, and
disconnect from those that bring negativity.... And turn
your week around :-)

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Live Masterclass Tonight (Wednesday) - How You Can Make BIG COMMISSIONS

TONIGHT ONLY, our LIVE class (Wednesday) at 8PM Eastern time with my mentor, Misha Wilson.

On the class you’ll learn exactly how Misha just pulled off a record month of $925,723 worth of revenue (yes, $925,723 in a SINGLE MONTH), and more importantly, exactly how you can use his secrets for yourself to begin creating big profits at will.

Because of the content that will be revealed, this kind of training would usually be reserved for paying customers… I know that if Misha were to ever sell it as a stand-alone product, it would be worth a real world value of around $497 (that's the figure he has considered previously).

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You could say this is a completely and totally priceless event.

Specifically on this class you'll learn...
  • The Single Biggest Fallacy In Internet Marketing, And How It's Killing Your Sales And Profits, Keeping You Stuck, Struggling And Overwhelmed! (And More Importantly, Exactly How To Reverse The Trend)!

  • We're Going To Reverse Engineer the ENTIRE Multi-Million Dollar Sales Process, AND Show You Exactly How To Ethically Knock It Off For Yourself To Create BIG Profits In Your Business Starting As Soon As Tomorrow!

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  • The ONE Truth About Online Marketing That Most of The Big-time Gurus Aren't Sharing With You And DON'T Want You To Know - and this is quite disturbing, I have to say...

  • How To Almost Instantly Increase Your Sales And Profits By Up To 80%, WITHOUT Generating Any New Customers!

And I'll see you on the class LIVE at 8PM Eastern time.

Really... Do not miss this once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity - I can promise you, it will be a life-changer and the answer you have been looking for. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN.
See you in the class!

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Monday, 6 November 2017

$1,000+ Days With This SIMPLE Proven Done-For-You Programme That WORKS!

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Shawn, Mack and Julie are seriously rocking it with this DONE-FOR-YOU programme that generates $1,000 (and more) days!

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This is quite literally a Plug-And-Play Business… and it's guaranteed: 

  • Done-for-you list building
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  • Done-for-you traffic
  • Done-for-you phone sales team
  • One on one coaching
  • And a whole *lot* more


I offer my own personal exclusive additional bonuses if you want to take your earnings to the next level:

  • Initial 20 minute Free consultation: you and me
  • Personal 1-2-1 twice weekly coaching call and catch-up
  • I give you clear vision and tasks that work - cut through the overwhelm and frustration, focus on what is making people in the team money right now
  • You get my exact techniques that I am using - absolutely nothing is left out!
  • Mind-set Mastery techniques - programming your mind in the correct way is *essential* for success and your well-being - I give you essential daily mind 'work-outs', and techniques that will help you to think and grow rich (this is a big element of your success so be prepared to change your way of thinking)
  • A done-for-you plan, proven to work and get leads and sales in your first couple of weeks
  • Tips and Advice for growth
  • Social Media growth to exponentially accelerate your business
  • The software, tools and daily spreadsheets that I use to plan, prioritise and get ahead of the competition
  • And so much more that I'm adding on a regular basis to these unrivalled bonuses

$1,000 days are a reality - if you want that dream lifestyle and financial freedom…

... Click here to find out how You too can have $1,000+ days in just 10 days from now!

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To our success!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Q&A: How Do I Get Off To A Fast Start?

"I have a question to ask? As a new member like me, who
wants to get started fast. Based on your experience, what
should I look out for? This is the very first time I'm blogging,
my mind is completely empty. Do not know where to start? "
- Daniel

Fantastic question my friend!

The first thing that you should do to get your business
off to a fast start is, well let me back up for a second.
The first thing that you should do EVEN BEFORE you start
getting your business off to a fast start is to ENVISION FOR

What level of success do you see for yourself?
Six months from now how do you realistically envision your
business? How does that make you feel?

This is where you should begin.

Does the idea of having hundreds of people join your
business excite you? What exactly does that feeling feel

Close your eyes, envision this image as well as what it will
feel like to be at that state and hold on to it as tightly
as you can. Envision this everyday and magnetically you'll
start to act towards that goal.

Now the next thing you need to do is PLAN FOR YOUR SUCCESS.
What's it going to take to get you to your chosen end?

Ask the question specific to the issue.

To do this you need to have a clear view of the conversion
figures for your business. So in other words,

How much traffic is it going to take you to get a lead?
How many leads is it going to take you to a sign up?
How many signs ups is it going to take you to get to your chosen goal?

Once you have these questions answered clearly you then need
to ask the questions specific to your advertising efforts.

What type of advertising are you going to have to do?
How much moneey will you be devoting to your business?
How much time?

If you have more time than moneey then you have to ask
yourself what sort of low cost and FREEE advertising are you
going to be doing.

And then temper your expectations to this plan.

It's going to take you longer to grow your business without
moneey or leverage than it is with these resources so you are
going to have to augment your plan to account for these

You will have to give yourself the time to see your ends
come true . . .

If you are going to be doing FREEE advertising I suggest you
start out with youtube videos and social media and leaving your
budget for things like PPC ads and newsletter advertising.

Now let's talk about BLOGGING.

Internet/Network marketing is about targeted traffic
generation AND relationship building. Blogging falls into
the second category. You will not be doing blogging for
initial traffic generation it will be done for your
relationship building efforts.

So it's something you use AFTER you generate a lead. You
send them to your blog to learn more about you as a person.
So on your blog you should discuss what excites you about
your business. Post pictures of you and your family so that
your leads can see and get to know you. This will begin your
online relationship building efforts.

Getting off to a fast start begins with planning and goal
development. Then the rest naturally flows from this

Thursday, 2 November 2017

7 Steps To Becoming The Top 3%

Be That 3%

Did you know that 97% of everyone who ever try's
to make mone.y online fails?

And the truth is... It really ISN'T hard to make an extra
5k-10k a month if you just focus on the right things.


And today... I'm going to outline 7 things that if decide
to run with will get you into the top 3% of performers in our industry.

Let's dive in...

1. Budget For And Put Aside Some Extra For Paid Ads...
($500+, $1000 if possible)

As an Internet Marketer, your business lives or dies based
on the volumes of traffic you get, and then how well you
convert that traffic into leads and sales. Everything else
is just extra noise that will divert your attention from
what matters.

On the traffic side of the equation, there are methods,
and paid methods. The fre.e methods do and will work, but the
paid methods will work much more quickly... And if you're
anything like me... you like moving FAST.

Put aside a monthly budget for paid advertising. Look at it
as a business expense. An investment in your future.

2. Choose 3 Forms Of Paid Advertising You Resonate With,
Buy A Course On Each (It Could Be Under $50) And Study Up
On Each For A Couple Of Hours.

You're not ever going to know what you like doing unless you
actually get out there and start looking into and
investigating what each form of traffic generation actually
looks like.

Facebook ads may seem incredibly sexy, but you're never
going to know if you'll actually enjoying using them until
you take the time to become familiar with the power editor,
grid searches, and targeting ect. You may find you hate it
once you dive in, you may love it. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE.

Whatever form of paid traffic you choose to use, you're
going to be investing your time into it each day, so it's
important that you don't hate it.

3. Choose One Form Of Paid Traffic And Commit To
Implementing It And Studying It Further EVERY SINGLE DAY For
The Next 90 days.

Everything has a learning curve... If let's say you do
choose Facebook Ads... I can pretty much guarantee that
you're going to suck at them at first, no matter how good
the training may be that you've gone through. Implementation
is a different beast, and it takes time to become efficient
in execution.

No matter how good or bad your results are to begin with,
commit to 90 days of implementation... You'll be amazed at
what happens when you're consistent.

If you're not already in the top 3%, you need to avoid
setting up an entire sales funnel yourself.

If you want to create a product... cool... if you want to
start creating content... awesome... but leave the setup of
the system/sales funnel that will determine whether you're
profitable or not to the experts.

Everyone I know who's ever done anything big in this
industry started by leveraging an already assembled/proven
to work system.
• Daegan Smith started with "Success Academy"
• Dave Wood started with "MLSP"
• Ferny Ceballos with "Magnetic Sponsoring"

Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Leverage a done for you

You can grab all my bonus's HERE... by getting started

5. Start Blogging TODAY.
Focus on creating value based, problem solving content -
take the stuff you are learning, apply it, get results, and
then teach what you did in order to create the result.

Anyone who has become an Authority in this niche has done it
ONE WAY... by creating value based, problem solving content
that demonstrates to their audience that they know what
they're doing, and in turn grows their following.

LEARN, DO, AND TEACH... and do it all simultaneously.

That's the formula for becoming an authority in the fastest
manner possible.

6. Keep Things Simple...
Most people overcomplicate things.
When you leverage a done for you system, you'll get capture
pages, sales pages, up-sells, down-sells, and high ticket
offers all SETUP FOR YOU.


And that's all you should do at first. Get to the
$10,000/Month mark, and then begin branching off.

7. Decide To Take Action...
For every 100 people who read this e-mail/blog post, 3 of
them will decide to take action and implement what I've
talked about above.

If you're part of that 3%, you'll be seeing a higher level
of success than 97% of all Internet Marketers.

Choose to take action... AND NEVER QUIT!

$1,000 Commissions Are Easy With This Proven System That is Banking Me $1000s. Click Below:

$1,000 Commissions Are Easy With This Proven System That is Banking Me $1000s. Click Below:
STUCK, FRUSTRATED, don't know how to make it online? This DONE-FOR-YOU system REALLY WORKS.


10 Toxic Habits You Need To Destroy To Be Successful

Here's a dangerously close-to-the-bone article by Chris Dessi , and for me it certainly rings worryingly true for 2 of these....  ...