Thursday, 2 November 2017

7 Steps To Becoming The Top 3%

Be That 3%

Did you know that 97% of everyone who ever try's
to make mone.y online fails?

And the truth is... It really ISN'T hard to make an extra
5k-10k a month if you just focus on the right things.


And today... I'm going to outline 7 things that if decide
to run with will get you into the top 3% of performers in our industry.

Let's dive in...

1. Budget For And Put Aside Some Extra For Paid Ads...
($500+, $1000 if possible)

As an Internet Marketer, your business lives or dies based
on the volumes of traffic you get, and then how well you
convert that traffic into leads and sales. Everything else
is just extra noise that will divert your attention from
what matters.

On the traffic side of the equation, there are methods,
and paid methods. The fre.e methods do and will work, but the
paid methods will work much more quickly... And if you're
anything like me... you like moving FAST.

Put aside a monthly budget for paid advertising. Look at it
as a business expense. An investment in your future.

2. Choose 3 Forms Of Paid Advertising You Resonate With,
Buy A Course On Each (It Could Be Under $50) And Study Up
On Each For A Couple Of Hours.

You're not ever going to know what you like doing unless you
actually get out there and start looking into and
investigating what each form of traffic generation actually
looks like.

Facebook ads may seem incredibly sexy, but you're never
going to know if you'll actually enjoying using them until
you take the time to become familiar with the power editor,
grid searches, and targeting ect. You may find you hate it
once you dive in, you may love it. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE.

Whatever form of paid traffic you choose to use, you're
going to be investing your time into it each day, so it's
important that you don't hate it.

3. Choose One Form Of Paid Traffic And Commit To
Implementing It And Studying It Further EVERY SINGLE DAY For
The Next 90 days.

Everything has a learning curve... If let's say you do
choose Facebook Ads... I can pretty much guarantee that
you're going to suck at them at first, no matter how good
the training may be that you've gone through. Implementation
is a different beast, and it takes time to become efficient
in execution.

No matter how good or bad your results are to begin with,
commit to 90 days of implementation... You'll be amazed at
what happens when you're consistent.

If you're not already in the top 3%, you need to avoid
setting up an entire sales funnel yourself.

If you want to create a product... cool... if you want to
start creating content... awesome... but leave the setup of
the system/sales funnel that will determine whether you're
profitable or not to the experts.

Everyone I know who's ever done anything big in this
industry started by leveraging an already assembled/proven
to work system.
• Daegan Smith started with "Success Academy"
• Dave Wood started with "MLSP"
• Ferny Ceballos with "Magnetic Sponsoring"

Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Leverage a done for you

You can grab all my bonus's HERE... by getting started

5. Start Blogging TODAY.
Focus on creating value based, problem solving content -
take the stuff you are learning, apply it, get results, and
then teach what you did in order to create the result.

Anyone who has become an Authority in this niche has done it
ONE WAY... by creating value based, problem solving content
that demonstrates to their audience that they know what
they're doing, and in turn grows their following.

LEARN, DO, AND TEACH... and do it all simultaneously.

That's the formula for becoming an authority in the fastest
manner possible.

6. Keep Things Simple...
Most people overcomplicate things.
When you leverage a done for you system, you'll get capture
pages, sales pages, up-sells, down-sells, and high ticket
offers all SETUP FOR YOU.


And that's all you should do at first. Get to the
$10,000/Month mark, and then begin branching off.

7. Decide To Take Action...
For every 100 people who read this e-mail/blog post, 3 of
them will decide to take action and implement what I've
talked about above.

If you're part of that 3%, you'll be seeing a higher level
of success than 97% of all Internet Marketers.

Choose to take action... AND NEVER QUIT!

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