Friday, 10 November 2017

A simple yet effective strategy for HYPER PRODUCTIVITY

Well, it's Friday and we're almost through the working week... how has it gone for you?

With that new beginning on Monday comes the hope
for a passionate, productive, and profit filled week.

For many of us though, the days pass, and little if
anything truly gets done. We fill our time with "busy
work" and non productive activities as to at-least feel
like we're doing something, but little or nothing ever
really get's accomplished.

I was in the same boat not long ago... Spending
days in front of the laptop, with little to show for it.
I was stuck, struggling, and completely spinning
my wheels. I was losing money and making little
headway... when something quite unexpected happened...

I was introduced to a simple practice by my mentor...
(a man worth many millions - so I listened)...

And it's this one practice that has made ALL

It's very simple, and most likely nothing
you haven't already heard...


If you're looking for hyper productivity... Listen up.

Again and again you've noticed that some activities
raise your energy levels while other activities deplete
them. Some things bring you into a more positive state,
while others pull you down.

The trick is to put yourself into those energy boosting
situations as often as humanly possible, while staying
away from the energy depleting activities like your
life depends on it (because it does).

Sure, it's easier said than done... But even so, it bears
repeating and is vitally important to always keep in

When you have a choice, as you often do, put
yourself in places, with people, doing activities that
increase your vital energy stores.

If there's something that get's you down, stop
complaining about it, and get yourself clearly away
from it.

Even just a small bump in energy in either direction,
both positive, or negative, can have far FAR REACHING

A single moment of positivity early on in the morning
can translate into an amazing, passion filled day...

While a single moment of fury, can snowball into more
and more negativity.

So... watch the early morning road rage... and don't
let something you hear on the morning news make
you flinch.

Instead listen to your favorite music, or get Tony Robbins
on your mp3 player.

We all have 24 hours in a day, but what good is time
without passion and energy?

Tap into those activities that bring positivity, and
disconnect from those that bring negativity.... And turn
your week around :-)

Have a great weekend!

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