Sunday, 12 November 2017

Instant Traffic Hacks - The 4 Steps To Profitable Solo Ads

….And what each step is designed to do…

As an internet marketer, your email list is (nearly!) everything. Unless you know how, list building can be a slow and daunting process...

How do you begin? Do I offer a free e-guide in my niche? Do I drive traffic to my blog? What about Facebook ads? These are all valid ways to get traffic, but they are slow and require commitment, trust and relationship-building.

Enter SOLO ADS...

Solo Ads are the simple most effective way to get traffic FAST. Do it right, and you get that traffic to convert to leads and subsequently, sales. But Solo Ads take mastery...

If any of the 4 components is below par, your whole campaign will fail.

1.Quality Solo Ad Vendors

2.E-mail Swipe (Subject & Body Copy)

3. Capture Page (Link)

4. Tracking

Quality Solo Ad Vendor:

A quality Solo Ad Vendor is a Vendor who will send you the correct number of clicks, the correct % of top tier clicks, and someone who will send using your e-mail swipe.

E-Mail Swipe:

The purpose of your e-mail swipe is to not only drive clicks, but also QUALIFY CLICKS… Remember, with Solo Ads you pay per click… Meaning it’s your job as the buyer to qualify each click... To make each click more responsive.

Capture Page:

The purpose of your capture page is to convert your traffic that you’re paying for into leads and to bring the maximum percentage of people into your Sales Funnel. You want your capture page to be converting at 40% + to be profitable and to maximize ROI. You can achieve this by having a well built capture page, and by qualifying each click.


The purpose of your tracking in your Solo Ad campaigns is to track 3 specific things:

  1. The total number of clicks delivered…
  2. The conversion rate (how many leads you’re getting per XYZ number of clicks)
  3. What % of the traffic that you’re getting is actually coming from the Top Tier countries. 

The most important thing to remember: In order to make Solo Ads profitable you need all 4 of the components above in place. Without proper solo ad vendor selection and a well written swipe, your conversions will be poor, without a capture page, you won’t generate any leads (NEVER SEND STRAIGHT TO A SALES PAGE), and without tracking, you’ll never be able to optimize your campaigns or be able to tell which Solo Ad vendors are performing better than others.

In every single Solo Ad campaign, you need a quality solo ad vendor, you need well written e-mail swipe, a well built capture page, and tracking in place to track total number of clicks, total conversions, and traffic quality.

The good news: Over the coming weeks I’m going show you exactly how to get all 4 components of profitable Solo Ads in place in each and every one of your Solo Ads… And also give you some value based bonus’s. 

Can't wait?

This is the introductory module of my full and complete Solo Ad Success Formula mastery course. 

If you would like the complete training to make you a Solo Ad master, click here for access to the course (includes 6 video modules plus 4 Bonus modules, plus all transcripts).

Here's what you get:

Module 1: The 4 Components Of Profitable Solo Ads

Module 2: Vendor Selection Process Part 1: Asking The Right Questions

Module 3: Vendor Selection Process Part 2: Framing The Purchase

Module 4: Effective Swipe Copy

Module 5: Capture Pages That Convert

Module 6: Tracking

#Bonus -"Offer Selection - How To Choose Profitable Offers"

#Bonus - "The Risk Reversal Method Of Traffic Generation"

#Bonus - "Proven To Convert Vendors"

#Bonus - "Outsourcing Your Solos: Going Hands-free"

Be a Solo Ad Master - Access your complete training here


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