Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Truth about Internet Marketing (Part I - Pros and Cons)...

Online Marketing Success - Do You Really Know What it Takes?

In this two part article, I explain what exactly you need to do to be a successful Online Marketer and how to really make it BIG Online. There's the good; there's the bad you probably don't want to hear, and then there are the downright ugly truths that you need to know....

For every successful entrepreneur, every obstacle creates an opportunity, so get to it; learn, take action and get better than the rest...

What’s amazing about what the Internet has to offer is the fact that you can make sales to people on a global scale. You can sell to anyone, anytime, and can run a online empire walking around your house in your pj's (if you want to - not saying that I do ;)).  

What’s really hard about starting an Online Business though is that you’re consistently sold an oversimplified dream of what it takes to succeed Online.  

You’re taught to setup a simple capture page that sends to an offer and then to follow up with a few e-mails here and there that link back to the same offer… And as a result, you’re going to rich and live the online dream.  

However, here's what the “gurus” fail to tell you when you’re getting started:   

  • You need to have a variety of different offers (trial offers, core offers, back-end offers, etc) in your arsenal in order to pay for your lead generation costs. 
  • You need your own products (or you need to license ones which you can earn a large percentage of the sale) in order to actually be profitable. 
  • It's highly unlikely that your first product will be a winner based on the fact that when you’re new you’re still learning what the market actually wants. 
  • Launches are absolutely NOT a sustainable business model. With launches you can make a ton of money in the short term, IF you have the right affiliate pushing your offers… but the truth is, you’ll burn out very quickly. I’ve tried launches as an affiliate, and I can tell you, while there is a certain level of fun to it, those were some of the most exhausting weeks of my entire life. They’re intense, and cause a great deal of stress on your body and mind. Even if you could build a business based solely on launches, it wouldn’t be an enjoyable business to run, I guarantee you.  
  • It’s hard to break into Internet Marketing if you’re new with no results (and therefore no credibility, authority, traction, or social proof). 
  • Running a business requires a whole different set of skills than a regular job does. "The good news is, you're the boss. The bad news is, you're the boss." 
  • You can’t do this alone… you need staff. You need a team, a customer support desk, sales people, assistants, a fulfilment system, all of it - if you want the big income.

So you see, while building an Online business IS absolutely possible, it’s going to take a little more than what most of the "gurus" are selling you in their oversimplified marketing material.
If you want to be profitable, you’re going to have to drive traffic to your websites, e-mail your list consistently, create “tripwire” trial offers, create back-end “profit maximizer” offers, host webinars where you sell core offers, make sales phone calls, and even setup affiliate programs for your products and offers to be sold through (if you want to go big).  

AND… That’s not even taking into account all of the skill-sets you’re going to need to learn in order to actually implement all of what’s discussed above, OR all of the work it’s going to take to hire a professional team in order to help you do it all.  

This is the problem that most people run into when trying to start an Online Business, and is the problem that keeps most people back from finding the success that they’re looking for.  

But, whenever there’s a problem, there’s also a solution… And certain entrepreneurs taking action to proactively solve that problem for the Marketplace as a whole is what has largely accounted for my own business taking off, and many of my students finding LARGE levels of success, VERY quickly. 

If you’ve been struggling to make sales and profits with your Online Business, you ABSOLUTELY need to have everything I've discussed in this report not only setup, but also optimized to the hilt in order to ensure conversions stay high and profits rise.  

Having said that, there’s a hard way to get everything setup, and there’s any easy way.  

Stay tuned, and check back here in a day or two, when I'll conclude this article with practical solutions to becoming successful in the internet marketing business, and what to look out for in order to make it BIG online...

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