Sunday, 1 October 2017

How To Get 1,000 New Email Subscribers In 30 Days

Want to grow your email list by 1,000+ subscribers? 

This just in from Ash Read - it's brilliant don't miss out...

"I have some good news for you... You can make it happen right now. In just 30 days. 

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the exact process of growing your email list step-by-step. And I’ll give you everything you need to pick up 1,000+ subscribers in the next 30 days. 

Here are just a few reasons why you should be growing your email list in 2017: Email has been the #1 most profitable marketing channel for 10 years in a row.

Email is 40x more effective than social media for customer acquisition. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI Ready to jump in? 

Let’s go… Your Exact 30 Day Roadmap to Grow Your Email List: 

Days 1-2: Create Content Upgrades 
Day 3: Create a Site-Wide Upgrade 
Day 4: Email Your LinkedIn Contacts 
Day 5: Update Your Email Signature 
Day 6: Add New Email Opt Ins 
Day 7: Get Featured in Industry Newsletters 
Day 8: Share Your Content in Niche Communities 
Day 9-10: Publish a Case Study 
Day 11-13: Run a Viral Giveaway 
Day 14-15: Create a Landing Page for Your Mailing List 
Day 16-17: Discover What Your Audience Desperately Wants 
Day 18-19: Pitch Guest Posts 
Day 20-22: Launch a Cross Promotion 
Day 23-27: Write Your Guest Posts 
Day 28-30: Boost Your Results With Facebook Ads 

Days 1-2: Create Content Upgrades 

The most effective way to grow a high quality email list is with content upgrades. And you may think creating content upgrades will take forever. Aren't you supposed to get this done in 30 days?

But you don’t need to create content upgrades for every single piece of content on your site. Start by creating content upgrades for the top five pieces of content on your site. First, open your Google Analytics dashboard. 

Then, under “Behaviour”, go to “Site Content” → “All Pages”. Set the date range at the top to display 3-4 months. Finally, identify your most popular pieces of content or your top viewed product pages (if you’re eCommerce). 

Here’s an example of ours: Offer a quick content upgrade for each: Create a checklist. Make a cheat-sheet or resource list. Share a spreadsheet. If one of your most popular blog posts is about deep-sea fishing, you might create an equipment checklist and offer it with the post"

All successful guides have "...a CTA offering a valuable resource in exchange for an email address. This swipe file on our Instagram marketing guide help [successful marketers] collect almost 10,000 emails between the Click Trigger and Welcome Mat: All your future content should have content upgrades as well, but start with just the top 5 pieces. 

Day 3: Create a Site-Wide Upgrade 

To grow your email list, you need to collect emails from every single page on your site in multiple ways. You may think a simple “Join our newsletter” message will work, but, honestly, it won’t.

We’ve done the research... We studied over 400 million pop-ups and found that: Asking people to join your list doesn’t work 

Instead, you should be giving something of value to your reader in exchange for their email (a download, ebook, infographic, course, etc).

For example, check out how Dana from Minimalist Baker entices readers to join her list : 

Her 42-page detox guide is promoted on every page of the site and offers awesome value to all subscribers. Dana knows that her audience is into healthy eating and love the recipes on her blog, so her detox guide is a perfect upgrade. 

Think about how you can create a content upgrade that will broadly appeal to all of your readers. This could be: A summary : Create a download that summarizes on some of your most popular content (if people are already visiting your site for that content, you know they love it).

Video content: Provide exclusive video content to subscribers, for example Adam Frater offers video workouts to his subscribers.

Quick start guide: If your blog covers some complex topics, offer a free guide to help people get up and running fast. For example, Nerd Fitness offers a ‘Newbie’ exercise guide to help beginners avoid mistakes .  

Day 4: Email Your LinkedIn Contacts 

We all know how awesome LinkedIn can be for networking."....

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