Friday, 27 October 2017

Success Is In Belief - $1k Days Are Ordinary Nowadays

I know you hear it from the gurus that they were broke and at the brink of collapse and so on and so forth, and how they turned their fortunes around (do not necessarily believe what these 'gurus' have to say as they have other dark motives that I want to tell you about another time).

But for me, an ordinary person, with ordinary intellect and ordinary self-doubts, it was absolutely true. 

I wish it wasn't so for the sake of my suffering family and for my own will and preserve that were coming to their utter end.

I know now that what got me through was down to "belief". 

I had my fingers in a dozen or so so-called 'opportunities' but I had yet to make a single dime. When I thought I'd found a system to make money I just couldn't commit fully as my gut instinct said that something was just wrong.

This went on for months, draining my time, money and my motivation. I was trying to put on a brave face for my partner and family but inside I was deeply concerned. I was also very stressed.

I was totally overwhelmed with the whole business...

I'll share with you now the one true reason why I managed to make a go of internet marketing. It's honest and upfront - I hope you know me to be that by now.

Just as I was about to focus on a particular online venture (no doubt another dead loss), one Friday evening I had a Facebook message from a friend - an also struggling internet marketer: "Want high ticket sales?"

I instantly replied "Yes!", excited but sceptical.

She told me of an opportunity that sounded too good to be true. I was actually sold on the outset, but I was torn - I was also very sceptical at the same time... a very nerve-racking situation. I saw the sense of it but I needed to see more. 

I needed proof.

So I decided to hang back a bit. I messaged her daily, asking how she was progressing - I really wanted to know how she was doing. She replied daily, and she was honest with me - she was a friend after all. It was a slow start but she was building...

After just one week she made $97, and within just 2 weeks she got her first $1,000 sale.

That tipped the balance for me, she was a friend and I knew this was true and the one. I was in and started the training and committed. I had the proof that the system worked, so I got involved. 

But and a big 'but'.. I couldn't quite completely fully commit. I could see the blueprint working and I could see that it was actually bringing in money, but something deep inside was holding me back.


I knew I'd found the system and I knew it was good, but what I didn't know then that I do now; I just had to believe...

The problem was that I had been bitten so many times - I'd been on dozens of webinars, bought countless products and my frustration and overwhelm was, well.. absolutely overwhelming.

I was suspicious.

I know now that this was holding me back from this opportunity... so guess what? 

My advice to you is the same as I did my self: Suspend your dis-beliefs when your gut tells you to do so. 

Above all, don't be foolish, but "if you don't risk anything, you risk everything"

If you want to change your life and achieve financial freedom, this is absolutely guaranteed - you will get 500% you money back if you do not succeed.... and you only need a single dollar.

...but don't worry, you *won't* want to ask for anything back - you will get money. It's working for me and I'm a newbie to this programme, and it will work for you!

It's also working for hundreds of other like minded entrepreneurs, some have $1,000, $3,000 and even $5,000 days.

Find out more right here: $1,000 Days

To Your Success!


ps. turn you mind around, you deserve more - it's absolutely life-changing

Yes, please, I want to change my life!

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