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The Shameful Secret Why 97% Of Internet Marketers Never Make It Online...

Shameful? YES!

I just have to share this important message from my mentor, Misha Wilson, with you. Take time to read it you will understand why 97% of internet marketers never make it online. Read then above all, do something about it !
Be prepared to be shocked. Here goes...
"Have you ever wondered whether or not there's a deep, dark "secret' that the big-time gurus DON'T want you to know?
Have you ever wondered whether deep down, they actually look at you as pawns on their chess boards?
If you have, you're right to have those suspicions... and ...I'll reveal ALL.
Have you ever wondered why some people break through relatively easily in their Online journey, and then keep having more and more success, while others continue to spin their wheels day in and day out, making little if any progress?
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the 3% of successful Internet Marketers and 97% of people who fail?
There IS a reason… ONE REASON, and I’m going to share it with you in just a moments time.
It’s NOT because they’re smarter than you, or have some sort of “advantage” over you.
Actually, it’s pretty damn simple, and when we get right down to the heart of it, it’ll probably hit you like a ton of bricks.
Just how obvious it ACTUALLY is.
But more on that in just a minute. For now, I want to preface you with a couple of things that’ll be coming your way in the coming days… Before I typed the first letter in this upcoming series, I made a commitment to myself that I think you’ll find intriguing.
As I share new lessons with you over the next week or so, I’ve committed to sharing everything I’ve got, no matter how ugly, how embarrassing, or how painful it is. (And I mean EVERYTHING).
What you’ll get will be RAW, but it will the transparent truth.
Be warned on this point… as you may be shocked as to what comes next over the coming days.
The second… (And I think you’ll like this one)… What I want you to do is pay very close attention to every single word that I write to you over the 5 days or so.
Behind each and every one of them is a hidden lesson I’ve left unshared. It will be up to you to discover it.
The closer you pay attention the more you will learn, the more benefit you’ll gain, and the more quickly and powerful your business will grow.
Cool… Having said that, back to the topic at hand… The “One Thing”.
But before we dive into exactly what that “one thing” is…
I want to show you a few results that focusing on this “One Thing” has produced for myself, and show you exactly what the potential is for you when you learn to harness it’s inherent power…
The only problem is… VERY few people are ever taught to focus on this one thing…
Instead, they’re put on what I like to call the “hamster wheel of doom” by savvy Marketing gurus who could care less about their success, while they profit wildly off of the perpetual failure of many.
They’re taught to just send traffic to their companies website, and to create content rich blog posts and “value infused” podcast episodes on a daily basis.
They’re taught to post to every social media channel 50 times per day, in hopes that someone will start listening, and then miraculously come to the conclusion that they want to buy their stuff.
They’re taught to reach out to people on social media, and share their opportunity with a handful of people, who will in turn, do the same and continue to create duplication, which never ends up happening, and only leads to more failure.
They’re taught grossly oversimplified tactics and strategies, that when executed upon lead to a herd of individuals without the “full picture”, taking on the role of the teacher, and sharing their strategies with other individuals before they’re qualified or able to teach effectively.
This leads to a “blind leading the blind phenomena, as 97% of Internet Marketers fall into this dreadful trap, and 3% of Savvy gurus who focus on this ONE THING laugh all the way to the bank cashing huge checks and making m.illions…
Sound familiar?
I thought so.
I’ve been in that ever frustrating cycle, and know exactly how it feels.
The truth is, that as you pay attention to this entire e-mail, and each e-mail to come…
I want you to understand something… Something that if you actually GET right now, will save you COUNTLESS hours wasted, and tens of thousands of dollars drained down the tube.
Here it is…
Whoever that big-time guru is that you may be following right now… Or whoever that “expert” was who you purchased a product from not long ago…
Well, I’m here to break to you the unfortunate truth that they actually DON’T want you to succeed.
YES… The deep, dark, and sad truth about this industry, when actually uncovered, is a little bit unsettling.
Most of the so called “experts” are nothing more than common FRAUDS who make their livings off of outright SCAMMING the aspiring Online Entrepreneur.
They understand that if they can get you confused, chances are you’ll buy… And if they can KEEP you confused, chances are you’ll continue to buy moving forward down the road.
They PREY off the innocent hopes and dreams of those who want a better life and are courageous enough to seek it out…
Taking every last dime the aspiring Online entrepreneur has, usually leaving them with BARELY enough left in the bank account for their meals and basic necessities.
They have ZERO conscious, and YES, they’re DANGEROUS.
It’s nasty… It’s greedy… It’s WRONG… And honestly, it pisses me off.
It’s the singular reason why the failure rate SO flipping high in our industry (97%+), and why so many people end up left with a bad taste in their mouth. I’m here to tell you this…
If you’ve every suspected that that big-time guru in their fancy car and big house (which are both rented by the way) look at you ONLY as a dollar bill sign… YES, you’re right.
DON’T trust them.
…And with that said, understand that if you aren’t making the kind of progress that you wish you were in your business, well, it’s not your fault.
You’ve been conditioned to FAIL by Marketing geniuses, and if you aren’t quite where you want to be as of right now, PLEASE, give yourself a break.
The fact that you made a decision to pay attention to this entire message means that you’re dedicated to your dreams and your future, and for that you deserve a pat on the back.
Now in the coming days, I’ll share with you a few case studies from clients who have used what I’ve shared with them to create wildly successful businesses, a few invaluable resources, and ONE CORE principle to follow that when I share will dispel any voice in the back of your head that might be saying “Well Misha, what makes you any different than any of the other big-time gurus?”
It’s coming, don’t worry.
For now, I understand your skepticism, and don’t actually mind it. If you have it, it means that you’re smarter and more sharp than most people out there…
And it means that you actually think before you act.
…And for that, I commend you.
Now, while it may be a little bit unsettling to learn the truth about the darker secrets behind this industry (how most of the big-time marketers want to do NOTHING but rip you off, and leave you with NOTHING)…
I have some good news…
Once you understand and realize the power of this “one thing”, you’ll never get stuck in that trap again.
You’ll never have to buy an endless number info “Infocrap” products, you won’t have to attend 250 webinars a month, and you WON’T have to spend all day everyday in front of your computer just to be left with little to nothing to show for it.
When you understand and deploy the power of this one thing… You’ll be able to work FEWER HOURS and make MORE…
You’ll be able to study LESS, and get a HIGER level of result… You’ll be able to spend LESS on advertising, and have HIGHER profits…
…And in the end, not only will you build a profitable business, but also a LIFESTYLE friendly business.
A business that you can work from anywhere, anytime, with nothing but your laptop and a wifi connection, and a business that continues to crank out big profits day in and day out, even while you sleep.
I was fortunate enough to learn about the power of this “one thing”, deploy it in my Online journey, and as a result, grow a business to the $500,000 per month mark in just 18 months flat.
…And now for the first time ever, I’m ready to share to the general public EXACTLY what this ONE THING is, AND exactly how to deploy it in your own business starting as soon as just next week.
If you want to work less and make more, spend more time with your friends and family, and in the end, build a TRUE lifestyle business that genuinely gives back and serves, while giving you TRUE FREEDOM, both financially and time bound…
So by now, you might be wondering, what actually is this “one thing”… where does the fortune actually lie?
What’s ACTUALLY the differentiator?
Well, here’s the deal… This message is getting a little bit long, and I want to respect your precious time.
If I were to dive into what it was right now, we’d be here for another hour, and I’d be abusing the attention that you’re giving me (which I’m grateful for).
So, here’s the deal… Over the course of the next few days, as you continue to open and pay attention to every e-mail and word that I write, you’ll gain an affinity for what the ONE thing actually is, and exactly WHY it’s SO crucial to you creating the massive success you’re looking for.
To the top, Misha “Exposing The Truth” Wilson

P.S. In order to PROVE to you that I’m NOT like all of the other moneey hungry SCAM artists…
I believe in providing real value to the Marketplace, and in genuinely helping my customers and following, understanding that it’s the ONLY way to build a REAL and sustainable business.
I believe in providing more value for freee that what my competitors charge for, knowing that when I do, it’ll come back ten fold.
So… That’s just what I”ll do..."
That was the message from Misha. It's important to share this with your marketing friends to save them from frustration, wasted money and wasted time and effort.
Learn how to make it online honestly, legitimately and without overwhelm by following Misha's blueprint - the very same one that I am following right now to make money online.
If you want to learn a method that ACTUALLY WORKS... how to make more working less, so you can have REAL FREEDOM, both financially and time bound, then be sure to get on this masterclass that reveals the method that actually works...
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