Sunday, 25 February 2018

This Works: think you way rich no. #5 and #6

I've been out of action for a while so I'm going to get straight back in and hit you with a double whammy:
Here's your 'Think your way rich' tip number 5 and 6, by Neuro Expert Mark Waldman (below).
So, first here's the neuro I always say, you might not get on with all of them, but if you choose 3 or 4 to work with and do 10 minutes each day, you definitely will see results.
Look out for the next numbers later this coming week.
This by Mark Waldman:

Tapping Into the Hidden Knowledge of Your Brain to Bring Greater Happiness,
Wealth and Success Behind the folds of your neocortex are special neurons that
give you profound powers of perception. They enhance your ability to be self-directed
and socially aware, but you have to “exercise” these newest evolutionary circuits
of the brain through a unique combination of relaxation, mindfulness, and intuition.

When you do, using the simple strategies in this book, something remarkable
happens: negative feelings and thoughts are transformed into optimism, your
motivation and creativity increases, your decision-making skills are enhanced,
and your ability to empathize with others rapidly grows. Compassion increases,
self-love soars, and a new “voice” can be heard, one that will guide you toward
greater awareness and serenity.

We call this inner awareness NeuroWisdom. It is your inner teacher and spiritual
compass, one that will help you achieve more goals, more passion, and more
satisfaction in your relationships and work. Nurture this delicate circuit in your
brain, using the following tips and strategies, and you will enlighten and enrich
your life.

TIP #5
Your right prefrontal cortex is constantly generating worries about things that could
go wrong as you work toward achieving your goals. It’s the “pessimist” in your brain!

Simultaneously, your left prefrontal lobe is constantly generating solutions to any
imaginable problem. This is the optimistic “voice” that keeps you going!
There’s a continuous word-based dialog going on, and if you lean back in your
chair and use your imagination to listen to this inner speech; you can then use
your intuition to weigh and evaluate the best action to take. This is the voice of
inner wisdom, a very real neurological process that takes place in the insula and
anterior cingulate. It’s not a word-based awareness, but it’s the most trustworthy
sense humans have, and you can “exercise” it through different forms of meditation
and mindfulness-based strategies.

TIP #6
The brain registers small goals the same as large ones. If you fail at a big goal,
you can easily trigger the release of stress chemicals, whereas every small
accomplishment releases dopamine and motivates you to achieve more success.

But you have to deliberately become conscious of them!

At the end of the day, write down all your small accomplishments and then take 2-3
minutes to savor them. Research shows that if you do this for just one week your
self esteem will continue to grow over the next 3 months!

If you want the full printable PDF guide to all 21 tips, just hit reply, and I'll send you
the link in a beautifully presented e-book form.

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Onwards and Upwards,


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