Sunday, 7 January 2018

3 Day Live Mastermind Event: "The Immersion Experience"

...for just 97us!

Yes, that's right, 97.

If you didn't get my email a couple of days ago, then read on...

In this 3 day on-site live "Immersion Experience" mastermind event you will learn:
  • the exact secrets, strategies and training of the SAN top earners (these guys are earning 30k+ per month!)
  • Guest speakers reveal their secrets and strategies
  • The success secrets of multi-million do/llar earner and SAN founder, Misha Wilson
  • #6 bonuses worth over 17k to help you get to the 6 and even 7 figure level

The event itself is truly not to be missed. You will leave knowing exactly how to begin and
take your business to the 10k and beyond level.

All you need to do is:
1. Sign up to SAN for a single dol.lar here (you must be a SAN member to go to the event)
2. Go to watch the video and get the form filled out to secure your ticket

The event itself is worth 1,997us, plus you get the 17k worth of bonuses, all for a total of 98us!!
It's a total no-brainer.
This is the opportunity that will set you up FOR LIFE.

But here's the catch...

This offer closes at midnight tonight EST Sunday 7th January... (less than 6 hours from now) get signed up right away for THE breakthrough of your life.

There's plenty of time to prepare: it runs from April 13th to 15th 2018, so the rush is only to secure your ticket.

What's more I get to meet you in person and we hopefully become good friends. Even better, you and I mix with multi-millionaires and top earners in the business.

I urge you not to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity for the business and lifestyle of
your dreams.

Onwards and Upwards!

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