Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Interested vs. Committed...

One thing I've learned over the past couple of years is the true difference to all areas of life 'interest' verses 'commitment' can make...

Your life values
Previously, when I showed interest in something, nothing really ever lasted. Jogging, the gym, cooking - I could keep it up for a time, I had some motivation, but when times got stressful and I got tired after work, or overwhelmed with choice, I reverted back to my comfort zone.

And motivation itself is not enough over overcome something that is not a true 'life value' in anyone.

By life value, I mean a value that you hold intrinsically in your core. Dieting, for example, is not a life value for most people. It's a 'forced' value that succumbs to distraction, stress and de-motivation.

That's why most people never keep up their diet - it's not a 'life value'.

So, for me guess what? No more jogging; gym membership never renewed; cooking experiments flopped.

There have been very few times (probably a handful or so if I'm honest) when I have been truly committed to something. Something that I absolutely needed without question, something that inspired me, moved me even.

In no particular order, my current inspirations are:
  • my family (my 2 small children),
  • my online business (this includes helping others' to succeed and achieve their goals and desires - I am absolutely committed to helping people who are or were in my situation, to help them overcome their overwhelm),
  • my rock climbing obsession (I absolutely love training and would hang off a small wooden edge all day if I could!)

Why am I telling you this?
Well, I want you to ask yourself, not what 'motivates' you, but what 'inspires' you. These are the values that are going to stay with you, make you work, and when you are inspired, you just know you will succeed.

When times get hard, as they inevitably do, motivation can fall by the wayside, but inspiration can run seemingly on auto-pilot, driving you to your goal.

Ask yourself why you want it. What are your core reasons? Write them down. These will inspire you to succeed

If you are struggling with your online business, perhaps a little fearful of failure, frustrated at not knowing how to begin, don't want to lose mon/ey or get scammed again by the gurus...

...80% motivation just won't cut it. You need to call on 100% commitment. You need to go all out, take the leap and just do it.

Onwards and Upwards!

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