Monday, 15 January 2018

What!? 2 Pizzas cost him $25,000!

If only he'd hung on to his Bitcoin. The first Bitcoin transaction a few years back was literally worthless - 2 pizzas worth. Now 1 Bitcoin is worth ~$12k. Roll on 10 years or so, it's happening!!

Price is dropping again, second bubble burst, I am buying again right now!

But don't take my word for it, I get my advice from Siam "The Nice Guy", aka the Realistic Trader.

Check him out here.

If you want the full details (be warned, it is a true f-me moment!):
  1. What exactly is Bitcoin/Crypto/Blockchain?
  2. Why should I get involved?
  3. Should I buy?
  4. What the future holds for Crypto
  5. Exactly how will this make my FINANCIAL LEGACY for my next multiple GENERATIONS to come?
  6. Real time notifications: when to buy
  7. Real time notifications: when to sell
  8. All the info handed to you literally ON A PLATE - no research required
  9. Absolutely NO schemes (and why you need to avoid them!) - this is all REAL buying - but made ULTRA easy with this over-the-shoulder training
You get to see the portfolio and buying/selling activities in REALTIME by Siam, the expert.

Not only do you learn everything from one of the best - if not THE best trader in the industry, Siam basically advises you what to buy, when to buy, when to sell -in REALTIME!

HOW EASY IS THAT? But you also get to learn and understand everything.

It is mind-blowing, trust me, and I'm only part way in to the training.

Just watch this video here for starters, totally mind-blowing!
(it's quite long but TOTALLY worth every minute - you will not be disappointed!)

Julian - Media Sniperz
p.s. he's holding a party in February where we are all going meet up, so get notified and I really look forward to meeting you!

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