Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Think you way rich: Tip #1

I've had a few emails saying just how helpful the "21 Neuro Tips for Money, Happiness and Success", by Mark Waldman was for them.
So, just in case you didn't get the download, I'll post one or two every week for you to try out. You might not get on with all of them, but choose 3 or 4 that work for you, and spend 10 minutes a day working on them and you will see the benefits - it's all well researched and tested and proven to work.

This by Mark Waldman:

Tapping Into the Hidden Knowledge of Your Brain to Bring Greater Happiness, Wealth and Success Behind the folds of your neocortex are special neurons that give you profound powers of perception. They enhance your ability to be self-directedand socially aware, but you have to “exercise” these newest evolutionary circuits of the brain through a unique combination of relaxation, mindfulness, and intuition.
When you do, using the simple strategies in this book, something remarkable happens: negative feelings and thoughts are transformed into optimism, your motivation and creativity increases, your decision-making skills are enhanced, and your ability to empathize with others rapidly grows. Compassion increases, self-love soars, and a new “voice” can be heard, one that will guide you toward greater awareness and serenity.
We call this inner awareness NeuroWisdom. It is your inner teacher and spiritual compass, one that will help you achieve more goals, more passion, and more satisfaction in your relationships and work. Nurture this delicate circuit in your brain, using the following tips and strategies, and you will enlighten and enrich your life.

If you want to remain focused and productive throughout the work day, you should take three 10- second relaxation breaks each hour. The decision-making processes in your frontal lobeget exhausted after 10-20 minutes of concentration.
What are the three fastest ways to relax and refresh your busy brain? Yawning, super-slow stretching, and gentle stroking of your hands and arms. Yawning slows down excess activity throughout your brain that causes neurological stress. Super-slow stretching of your neck, shoulders, arms, and torso allows your brain to send a relaxation signal to tense muscles, and it brings you into the present moment where better decisions are made.
Very slow touching of your forearms and hands decreases negative emotions while stimulating the confidence centers in your brain. Download a mindfulness clock onto your computer and cell phone, setting it to go off three times each hour.

If you want the full printable PDF guide to all 21 tips, just comment below, and I'll send you the link.
According to Mark and his research, money definitely does bring happiness.
Income equals happiness, there is no denying it. It's proven. I'm not saying people who are rich aren't happy, but that's because they cannot manage their money well and they do not hold money as one of their life values.

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Onwards and Upwards,

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